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OS/2 Warp Compatible Hardware List Web site: Scanning with Tame/2

USB and SCSI Scanning with Tame/2: Supported Scanners.
The one-and-only OS/2 Warp Imaging and Scanning Solution for LPT, SCSI and USB!

© 2004, Goran Ivankovic, Klaus Staedtler, os2warp.be

Welcome to the TAME/2 web site. This part of os2warp.be is a joint venture between Goran Ivankovic, Klaus Staedtler and os2warp.be.

Comments indicates with asterisks or other special symbols are explained at the bottom of the document.

1. TAME/2 Supported LPT Scanners.

Scanner Backend.conf to use
Medion MD9890 mustek_pp.conf
Mustek SE6000S

2. TAME/2 Supported SCSI Scanners.

Scanner Backend.conf to use
Plustek Optic Proartec.conf
Avision AV 620avision.conf
Avision AV 630
Canon FB620Scanon.conf
Canon FB1200S
Canon FS2710 *****
Nikon LS20coolscan.conf
Nikon LS1000
Nikon LS2000
Epson 1200epson.conf
Epson 1640
Epson FS200
Epson GT5500
Epson GT7000
Epson Expression 636 (GT-9500)
EPSON ES-1000C (GT-8500)
HP ScanJet IIPhp.conf
HP ScanJet 3+ **
HP ScanJet 3P **
HP ScanJet 3C **
HP ScanJet 4C **
HP ScanJet 4P **
HP ScanJet 5P **
HP 6100C **
HP 6200C **
HP 6250C **
HP 6300C **
HP 6350C **
HP ScanJet IICX **
HP ScanJet IIC **
HP 6390C
Agfa Studioscan IISi **microtek.conf
Microtek Scanmaker E3
Microtek Scanmaker E6
Microtek Scanmaker II
Microtek Scanmaker III
Vobis Highscreen PerfectScan
Vobis Highscreen HighScan
Escom Power Scanner 3000
Microtek Scanmaker 630 **microtek2.conf
Microtek Scanmaker 330 **
Microtek Scanmaker 636 **
Microtek Scanmaker V6USL **
Microtek Scanmaker X12USL **
Microtek Scanmaker X6 **
Microtek ScanMaker 600
Mustek MFC600S *mustek.conf
Mustek MFS6000CX *
Mustek Paragon 1200A3Pro *
Mustek SE12000SP *
Mustek SE12000SP Plus *
Trust 19200 *
Devcom Black Widow 9636 Propie.conf
Sharp JX250sharp.conf
Rios RI600
Sharp JX330
Agfa Snapscan 1236S **snapscan.conf
Agfa Snapscan 300
Acer 310S
Umax Astra 2100Sumax.conf
Umax Astra 1200S
Umax Astra 1220S
Umax Astra 2200S
Umax 12S
Umax Vista-S6E
Umax PowerLook III
Linotype Hell Jade

3. TAME/2 Supported USB Scanners.

Scanner Backend.conf to use
Epson Perfection 1650 USBusbscan$.conf and epson.conf. A SaneUSB build is required, it should include the file.
Epson Perfection 1660 USB
Epson Perfection 640U USB Scanner
Epson Perfection 1640SU and 1640SU Photo USB scanners
Epson Perfection 2450(GT-9700F) USB scanner
Epson Perfection 2400 Photo USB Scanner
Epson Perfection 3200 Photo USB Scanner
Epson Perfection 610U USB Scanner
Epson 636U USB Scanner
Epson 1240 USB Scanner

All scanners working reported to work with Sane for OS/2 work with Tame/2 too, if they are not in the Tame/2 list only user provided settings for this scanner are missing
**Additional parameter (with HP only sometimes) required :bntnln
****Problems with SIS chipset (and/or USBOHCI.SYS) and 2400/1650 reported, we guess USB scanning with SIS chipset doesn't work with any USB scanner. Make sure that at least Kernel 14.093 or an updated OS2LDR is installed. Make too sure that USB Basic drivers are beyond August 2002 (sorry don't have the exact version numbers). Further make sure that either your soundcard driver doesn't use an IRQ used by USB, or that these are able to share IRQ's.
*****The Canon FS2710S does no preview and scans only in PNM.

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