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OS/2 and USB Web Site: USB Device Drivers and Tools.
Listing of tested and reported USB devices

1. USB Device Drivers

2. USB Tools

Download usbmountd.zip (72.6KB)
Version 0.0.1 (2003/02/10)
Price Freeware - Open Source - Public Domain
Comments USBMOUNTD is a utility for automatic mounting of the USB media devices in OS/2 LVM. Upon plugging a new device to the PC USBMOUNTD automatically updates the list of the accessible removable media in OS/2 and assigns a corresponding drive letter. If USB drive file system is dirty USBMOUNTD can check it.
Download usbres.zip (317KB)
Version 0.9.7 (beta) (2002/04/20)
Designer USB Guy
URL http://www.netlabs.org
Price Freeware
Comments The purpose of this driver is to show all connected USB devices with exception of USB Hubs to the system. It allows to view the USB Device Report and can thereby help a developer to see how a device registers at the system and try to find reasons why a certain device which should run with installed drivers doesn't or the development of new drivers. Excellent tool for USB driver developers or for curious people like us ;)
Developing Drivers for USB Devices under OS/2 Presentation
Download usbpres.zip (StarOffice Presentation File - 135KB)
On-Line Check On-Line presentation
By Marcus Montkowski
URL http://www.netlabs.org
Comments This presentation was showed by Marcus at WarpStock 2000. It's a great explanation of the USB driver files and how they are orientated... This could help you on your starting point of making a USB driver for OS/2.
Download -
Version 0.3
Developer Pete Brown
Price Freeware
Comments An application to access USB Cameras that work as Removable Mass Storage Devices. this application has a "PreView Images" option and the capability to extract Exposure Information from EXIF format files.


Some notes:

  1. OS/2 CHL web site is UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES responsible for possible and eventual damage to your system or any form of loss of data;
  2. What driver you choose if completely your decision. However, OS/2 CHL hardware testing team recommends to use the very latest IBM device drivers. We also recommend to update the integrated device drivers of convenience Packages 1 and 2 (both ACP and MCP), and also of eCS 1.1. The latest official IBM device drivers can also be downloaded via eComStation.com's download section, if you have a valid login and password;
  3. This symbol means you can only download this driver and use if legally if you have either a valid SoftWare Choice or PassPort Advantage Subscription from IBM or if you have a valid login and password to access the ecomstation.com download section;
  4. This symbol has two specific meanings:
    1. if it is displayed with an IBM device driver, than that device driver is outdated and only offer limited performance or device support. OS/2 CHL Technical Support Services are NOT dealing with USB requests when you use these device drivers. Generally, these drivers only make your old USB hardware run, not the newest devices;
    2. if it is displayed with an unofficial patch or device driver, then that means that there can be a limited functionality due to beta status of the driver, or due to a short on technical details;
  5. Trademark and copyright information about these device drivers can be found in the copyrights page, or is provided directly where appropriate.

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