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USB and SCSI Scanning with Tame/2: Projects History.
The one-and-only OS/2 Warp Imaging and Scanning Solution for LPT, SCSI and USB!

© 2004, Goran Ivankovic, Klaus Staedtler, Franz Bakan, os2warp.be

In the table below, you can see all the mile stones during the past development of TAME/2, SANE, X-SANE, gOCR, and ClaraOCR.

Date Announcement
2004-02-08TAME/2 1.0.0.rc2 english only released. Language files will follow with availability. Printgraph replaced by FaxView (laserjet.drv works now). FaxView again as default viewer added (Thanks to Harald Pollack. User selectable Viewer in setup added. Sane 1.0.13 builds with Intel byte-order for Tiff (Thanks to Franz Bakan and Maeda Haruyuki). Histogram for orginal and edited scan added. Vanishing child-windows fixed. Shadows for bubble-help added. Updated and corrected Scanner.dat. Hide windows when scanning in setup added. Close/open Selection Info window added. Updated drusctr016.dll (Thanks to Chris Wohlgemuth. Updated rxmmio.dll (Thanks to Arnim Schwarz) currently unused. Keep temporary files added in setup. Limit printable scansize to 40MB replaced by warning screen.
2004-01-04gOCR 0.38 was released, being compiled with GCC 3.2.1.
2003-11-28TAME/2 1.0 Release Candidate 1 brought out. Available for download here.
2002-05-11ClaraOCR 0.99 compiled by emx-gcc for OS/2 was released.


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