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The SCSI Workshop
Listing of SCSI controllers supported by the most important SCSI controller drivers.

Oliver Rick, os2warp.be (2000-2004)

A huge range of SCSI controllers is supported by a diverse range of very good SCSI device drivers. In addition to the listing of SCSI controllers in the OS/2 Compatible Hardware List, this web page tells you which driver to use.
The second column tells you the [DriverName]. Normally, to enable support for your SCSI controller, you copy the file [DriverName] into the X:\OS2\BOOT directory (in which X: refers to the drive volume letter on which OS/2 or eComStation is installed), and add the line


to your CONFIG.SYS.

Of course, a lot of other device drivers exist, all of which might support one particular or several controllers mentioned below. A decent SCSI controller is shipped with an OS/2 driver out-of-the-box.
This extensive listing deals with both older and newer SCSI technologies; special attention has been drawn on high-performance U320 SCSI controllers.

Adaptec U160
Adaptec: AHA-29160/LP/N, AHA-39160/D
OEM: AIC-7892, AIC-7899
Adaptec 78U2
Adaptec: AHA-2940U2B/U2W, AHA-2950U2B, AHA-3950U2B/U2D, AHA-2930U2
OEM: AHA-2940U2, AIC-7890, AIC-7891, AIC-7896, AIC-7897
Adaptec 7870
Adaptec: APA-1480, AVA-2904CD, AHA-2910/B/C, AHA-2915C, AHA-2920C, AHA-2930/B/C/CU/U, AHA-2940/AU/U/U Dual/UW/UW Dual/UW Pro/W, AHA-2944UW/W, AHA-3940/AU/AUW/AUWD/U/UW/UWD/W, AHA-3944AUWD/UWD, AHA-4944UW/W, AVA-2902E, AVA-2904, AVA-2906
Asus: PCI-AS2940UW, PCI-SC300
OEM: AIC-7850, AIC-7855, AIC-7856, AIC-7860, AIC-7870, AIC-7880, AIC-7895
Adaptec non-PCI
Adaptec: AHA-174x, AHA154x, APA-1460, AVA-150x, AVA-151x, AHA-151x, AHA-152x, AHA-153x, AVA-1825, AVA-2925, AHA-274xA/AT/W, AHA-284xA, AHA-274xT
DTC: DTC-329x
Tekram: DC-300B, DC-320, DC-380, DC-800/B, DC-820/B, DC-880/B
Advansys ASC
Advansys: ABP-3925, ABP510, ABP5140, ABP5150, ABP5142, ABP542, ABP742, ABP752, ABP842, ABP852, ABP920, ABP930/U, ABP940/U, ABP950, ABP960/U, ABP970/U
Iomega: ABP-960U, JazJet
Iwill: SIDE-2930/C/CR/U/U+
SIIG: i540 SpeedMaster, i542 SpeedMaster, Fast SCSI Pro PCI
BugLogic: BT-/KT-440/C, BT-/KT-445/C/S, BT-/KT-540/C/CF, BT-/KT-542/B/C/D, BT-/KT-545/C/S, BT-/KT-640/A, BT-/KT-646/D/S, BT-/KT-742/A, BT-/KT-746C,BT-/KT-747/C/D/S, BT-/KT-757/C/CD/D/S
BusLogic/Mylex: BT-/KT-930 Flashpoint LT, BT-/KT-932 Flashpoint DL, BT-/KT-950 FlashpointLW, BT-/KT-952 Flashpoint DW,BT-/KT-946/C Multimaster, BT-/KT-948/C Multimaster, BT/KT-956/C/CD Multimaster, BT-/KT-958/C/CD/D Multimaster
I2O Storage ISO Storage and Transportation Operating System Module
CMC: PowerPort 3194U2W80, PowerPort 3194UW40
Initio: INI-A100U2W Speedway U2W, INI-9090U, INI-9100A I/O Highway, INI-9100U/UW I/O Speedway, INI-9200U/UW I/O Expressway, INI-9400U/UW I/O Throughway, INI-9520U/UW I/O Bahn, INI-9100/W, INI-6100, INI-6102
Iwill: SIDE-2935LVD, SIDE-2935UW
NMC: A100U2W, 9100U/UW
OEM: INIC-1060, INIC-940, INIC-950, INIC-910
IBM: ServeRAID, ServeRAID/2, ServeRAID II, ServeRAID3H/3L
LSI Logic Fusion-MPT (U320)
OEM: LSI53C1020, LSI53C1030
Mylex RAID
QLogic: QLA1240/D, QLA1000-PI, QLA1001-PI, QLA1020-PI, QLA1021, QLA1040-PI, QLA1041-PI, QLA910-PI, QLA940-PI, QLA510-PI, QLA400-EA/-IA/-PA/-VL, QLA402-EA/-IA/-VL , QLA405-E/-I, QLA406-HD, QLA410-PA
DPT: PM2011 SmartCache Plus, PM2012B SmartCache III, PM2022 SmartCache III, PM2024 SmartCache III, PM2041FW/W SmartCache IV, PM2042FW/W SmartCache IV, PM2044UW/W SmartCache IV, PM2122 SmartCache III, PM2124/W SmartCache III, PM2142FW/W SmartCache IV, PM2144UW/W SmartCache IV, PM3222/W SmartRAID, PM3224/W SmartRAID, PM3332UW/W SmartRaid IV, PM3334 UW/W SmartRaid IV
Symbios Logic SYM_HI (LVD)
LSI/Symbios: LSI/SYM21002, LSI/SYM21040, LSI/SYM22902, LSI/SYM22903, LSI/SYM22910, LSI/SYM 22915, LSI/SYM8953U, LSI/SYM8955U (33 & 66 MHz)
Tekram: DC-390U3D/U3W
OEM: LSI/SYM53C895A, LSI/SYM53C896, LSI/SYM53C1000, LSI/SYM53C1010
Symbios Logic SYM8XX
Advance: 2931U2W Home, 2941UW/U2W Business
Aresys: CI-4500UW
Asus: PCI-SC200, PCI-SC860, PCI-SC875
DawiControl: DC-2975U, DC-2976UW, DC-2980U2W
Intraserver: ITI-3140U
NCR: NCR8100S, NCR8150S, NCR8250S, NCR8251S
Tyan: Yorktown
OEM: NCR53C810, NCR53C815, NCR53C825, LSI/SYM53C810/A/AE, LSI/SYM53C815, LSI/SYM53C825, LSI/SYM53C825A, LSI/SYM53C860/AE, LSI/SYM53C875/E, LSI/SYM53C876, LSI/SYM53C885, LSI/SYM53C895/A
Tekram: DC-310/U, DC-390F/U/U2B/U2W/W
Tekram TRM3X5
Tekram: DC-305E/I, DC-315U, DC-395U/UW

*: This RAID support requires the DPT-, IBM- and Mylex drivers.

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