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GOCR (GNU Optical Character Recognition) for OS/2.

© 2003-2004, Franz Bakan, os2warp.be


GOCR, also often referred to as jOCR, is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program, developed under the GNU Public License. It converts scanned images of text back to text files. Joerg Schulenburg started the program, and now leads a team of developers with Bruno Barberi Gnecco. It reads images in many formats (pnm, pbm, pgm, ppm, some pcx and tga image files and outputs a text file. The gOCR/2 port was developed by Franz Bakan.

Here you can find OS/2 executables of GOCR Version 0.38 if you want to play with it.
GOCR.EXE is compiled with GCC 3.2.1 (available via ftp from netlabs).
Here is the link:

  • Type gocr -h for usage.
  • Example 'one-liner' of a scan2text.cmd:
    scanimage --device=epson --mode=Gray --resolution=300 | gocr - > textfile.txt
  • Another example:
    scanimage --device=epson --mode=Gray --resolution=300 1>out.pnm 2>out.error && gocr out.pnm > ocr.txt
  • If the image is complex or the letters are small, gocr is quite slooow. (expect duration of serveral minutes!).
  • I suggest that you make your first tests with small scans.
How to compile with GCC 3.2.1:
  1. get and install os2unix
  2. delete make.bat
  3. os2unix -all
  4. sh configure
  5. (probably only if you use 2.0 of os2unix) remove the 3 lines
    ifeq ($(omf),on)
        LIBOBJS := $(LIBOBJS:.o=.obj)
    LIBOBJS = pgm2asc.$(obj)
    from src/Makefile
  6. make
Compiling wiht emx-gcc required 2 more steps:
  1. copy srclibPgm2asc.a srcPgm2asc.a
  2. make

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